Dr. Kitty Harris is the author of Women and Recovery-Finding Hope, a breakthrough recovery plan for women who struggle with alcoholism, as well as friends or family members who are seeking help for a loved one. Women and Recovery-Finding Hope, presents a new model for recovery that focuses on treating the pain in women’s lives that can lead to a vicious cycle of addiction—not on the shame that fuels it. She also is co-editor of Substance Abuse Recovery in College, the first book to address the role of institutions in supporting adolescent and young adult recovery.

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Dr. Kitty Harris is a noted public speaker, and presenter at national conferences, workshops and seminars on topics including adolescence; substance abuse prevention; addiction and recovery; and communication, civility and leadership. An effective communicator, Dr. Harris delivers speaking presentations that are inspirational, informative, challenging, educational, motivational, and encouraging. Schedule Dr. Kitty Harris to speak at your next meeting, conference, convention or event.

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Dr. Kitty Harris provides consulting expertise and solutions to business, government, educational and nonprofit organizations. She is an effective communicator who can work with you to develop a personalized approach, innovative solutions, and make recommendations for improvement. Dr. Harris has the expertise to help focus your efforts for developing strategies, implementing successful techniques and achieving results.

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“Where was this book when my mother needed it? Women and Recovery: Finding Hope is a wonderful and very comforting resource for women and family members. I really enjoyed it.”

Susan Ford Bales
Daughter of Betty Ford